New Majestic Feathers Web Site

Macaws 2390What an interesting journey of discovery, and yes some frustration it has been to learn how to renew and update the Majestic Feathers web site. Previous to now I had left this up to other web designers which left me in the position of depending on others to update the site. Those days are gone!

In addition to having gained many new skills and independence, it has been very fun! I really find it pleasurable to review pictures from our past tours. It is deeply gratifying to see the smiling faces of happy birders, see the pictures of the gorgeous birds the beautiful habitat and remember the great times I had with the people on our tours. Many meaningful friendships in my life have come from these experiences.

Bottom Peru

Please take a look at the new web site and let me know what you think of the work I have done. Thank you so much, Kathleen