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Majestic Feathers annually offers birding tours to Costa Rica, Peru and other top notch birding areas around the world. Our next Peru tour -- Northern Peru is in September,2016 click on the Peru link above for the details. The South Africa Birding and Wildlife Adventure Safari that we offered in Janurary 2016 sold out and was a grand adventure! Details about our 2017 Costa Rica trip will be posted soon. The Majestic Feathers Colombia birding tour is July 21 to August 3, 2016. Save the and there is one spot available. Ecuador is also in our sights for 2017 or 2018. Please check back for updates or better yet, send an us an email request to receive immediate notice of available tours.


Tour routes are designed based on life zones, resulting in diverse exciting high yield birding.

Our local guides have an intimate knowledge of the habitat and the birds to be found within it.

Local guides + local connections = better rates at lodges = an affordable tour price.

You will learn about the ecology, natural history, and culture of the country you are touring.

Grassroots Advertising (word of mouth and social media networking) = low overhead expenses which also aids in keeping tour prices affordable.

The Biggest Advantage! A portion of your tour fee is donated to the Elvira Foundation NGO for forest restoration, watershed protection and eco-education in the La Paz Valley, Costa Rica. Please see our Giving Back Page for more information.

Please note that we occassionally utilize the services of travel agencies and this is an exception rather than the rule. 90% of the time we work directly with local in country connections. Our goal continues to be, to provide our guests with a high quality tour at an affordable price.


Kathleen Cameron will be the keynote speaker on opening night of the Hagerman Idaho Bird Festival February 12 to 14. She topic is: The Beauty and Intriguing Behavior of Birds. She will share video vingnettes that she shot and edited that illustrate this topic. To learn more about and to register for the festival click here: Hagerman Bird Festival 2016



Several of Majestic Feathers followers have contacted Kathleen and asked if it was "our Percy" that guided Noah Stryker on February 28, 2015 when he was birding in the Manu Reserve. The answer is yes! Percy Avendano Medina who is the principal  bird guide and naturalist for our birding trips to Peru and Noah extensively birded the area around Villa Carmen within the Manu Reserve. Percy's brother Jose also a guide and Noah had birded their way from Cusco to meet up with Percy. Percy is a manager at Villa Carmen, a relatively new bio station that is a project of the Amazon Conservation Association. Percy said that it was a pleasure to meet Noah and to assist him in his quest to break the world record for the most bird species seen in one year. Noah's blog, Birding without Borders can be found on the Audubon website under the features tab.

Poo Wright-Pulliam second from the left was Artist in Residence on Majestic Feather's March 2014 Costa Rica tour titled: All These Amazing Birds and Learning to Draw them Too!

We are thrilled to announce that Poo Wright-Pulliam has been selected to be the 2015 Artist in Residence at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in Idaho. Several free workshops taught by Poo are scheduled at the Preserve this summer. Here is the link to the Nature Journaling Workshop.

Poo will be the Artist in Residence in March 2017 when Majestic Feathers offers the birding and learning to draw birds tour again in Costa Rica. If you would like to have early notice when this tour becomes available please send us an email.  

Well known blogger and birder Kathie Brown has published a review of Kathleen's documentary, Connecting with Owls. Kathie is a Birding Is Fun contributing writer. In addition to writing her own blog, Kathie's Birds since 2007, her blog posts also have been published by Birding Blogs, and Nature Blog Network. Kathie is also a poet, skilled photographer, exuberant eBird lister and it goes without saying that she is a passionate birder. Click here to read the review: Connecting with Owls Review To enjoy  Kathie's blogs about her birding adventures click here: Kathie's Birds


Kathleen's documentary; Connecting With Owls has had nine screenings in Idaho and Utah in 2014.

To learn more about the documentary visit:

To purchase the Connecting With Owls DVD at the Majestic Feathers online store click here

Thank you for your interest in Kathleen's documentary film.


Majestic Feathers is owned and operated by Kathleen Cameron adventurer, photographer, filmmaker, speaker, and avid birder. Her passion for birding and travel are unmatched and she assures your trip will be the adventure of a lifetime. Majestic Feathers takes you to world-class birding destinations in Central and South America, and South Africa. After taking her first International birding trip in 2009 Kathleen felt a calling to inspire other bird lovers to experience what she had. Majestic Feathers tours appeal to the kind of birder that understands that birds are not on your schedule, they are on theirs and if you want to see them you must engage like an adventurer.  

Explore Majestic Feathers Adventures and book your tour today! 

Kathleen Cameron owner of Majestic Feathers® Tours with bird guide Edwin Ramirez

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