Connecting with Owls Premiere

Great Gray Nest ©CameronI am happy to announce that the owl documentary that I have been working on since 2004 is finished and is going to premiere!

Connecting with Owls was filmed entirely in Idaho and it documents the beauty of owls in their natural habitats. Making this film has been a journey of discovery and deep personal satisfaction.

The owls featured are; Barn, Long-eared, Short-eared, Great Horned, Great Gray, Boreal, Northern Saw-whet, Burrowing, Flammulated, Western Screech, Northern Pygmy, and Northern Hawk Owl, with cameo appearances by: Snowy and Barred Owls will premiere at the Hagerman Bird Festival on February 14, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the American Legion Hall, Hagerman,©KCameronBUOW-0039

I will be posting a link to a preview of the film next week.

I hope that you will be able to attend the premiere. Please stay tuned for more information about Connecting with Owls, a Cameron Multimedia LLC production in association with Majestic Feathers Films.sm5-x-5-juv-g-h-o--0005





6 thoughts on “Connecting with Owls Premiere”

  1. Kathleen, I just want to tell you how excited I am for you, and to wish you a huge congratulations, from my heart. I cannot begin to imagine the dedication and hours of work (and love) that went into this project. I wish I could be there to see the premiere on Valentine’s Day. Congratulations, my friend!!

  2. Congratulations Kathleen . The web page is professional and I’m still amazed by your photoes.
    All the best in business and health. Good luck on the 14th. Wow them as only you can.

  3. What a fantastic film! I showed my Kindergarten/First Grade class and they were as enthralled as I was at the Hagerman Bird Festival.

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