Peru: Some of the Hummingbirds of the Madre de Dios Rio Basin and Manu

Now that my documentary Connecting with Owls is finished I have some time to review my images and video from the Majestic Feathers 2013 Tour to Peru. While doing so I decided to edit a short video featuring a few of the hummingbird species that can be seen during the tour when we are traveling down the Madre de Dios River and stopping to stay at some of the remote lodges.


This region is some of the most species rich habitat on the planet and I think there is nothing better than traveling down this river to view the birds, and wildlife that reside along the banks and fly over head. Well, maybe it is equally wonderful to disembarking from a motorized canoe and spend a few days and nights soaking up the wonders of being at several of lodges in the heart of the rainforest.


There is so much to enjoy and to be astounded by. Among the astounding are the hummingbirds. They are phenomenal. Watch this 7 minute video featuring a fraction of the species that we have see, and that are possible in this region and you will have an inkling of what you are in for when you take a Majestic Feathers tour to Peru.


Humming Bird Bliss a 7 minute video



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I look forward to hearing from you and to making all the arrangements in Peru for your unforgettable birding adventure!