About Kathleen

K-C-Portrait-July-2013-0003I am a native Idahoan, photographer, videographer, filmmaker, and avid birder. I became fascinated with birds, bird life histories and migration in 1993. Once I was hooked on finding and identifying birds my cameras became just as important to me on a birding trip as were my binoculars and field guides.

After taking my first International birding trip I felt a calling to organize birding tours beginning in 2009, with Edwin Ramirez,  to the southern hemisphere toward fostering a greater understanding of the ecological connections between Central, South and North America. My goal from that day forward has been to impart a deeper understanding of how connections, both intrapersonal and interpersonal gained via eco-tourism focused on birding can result in saving vital habitat.

My photography has been published extensively in Idaho Department of Fish and Game publications and on their websites. I enjoy producing short videos for viewing on Internet Video sites. My channel on YouTube is called Majestic Feathers Films.

Most recently I have produced Connecting with Owls a 35 minute documentary.

I am a sub-regional editor for North American Birds, a publication of the American Birding Association, and I am a frequent speaker at Audubon Chapters across Idaho and the Northwest Region. My multimedia programs focus on hemispheric ecological connections, and the importance of habitat preservation.

My undergrad degree in Art and Mass Communications has come in handy in my work to increase understanding about birds. Additionally I hold two Masters Degrees, psychology (Columbia University) and counseling (Walsh University). I am retired from the profession of Counseling.